A Letter from Lauren

Hello SAS Supporters!

First of all, I just want to thank you so much for any and all support you have given to SAS. We honestly would not be able to do what we do without such a great team around us. Whether you have supported us financially, prayed for us, come to a show or just read and shared our newsletters — I am so grateful for YOU!

So it is April! Can you believe it? I feel like this year is flying by and it’s already getting hot here in Nashville. As you probably know, we have had one show so far and that was in Nashville. We have another show here next week, partnering with YEP (Young Entertainment Professionals) and then two more in the summer here in Nashville. If you live outside of Nashville, you may be wondering, “Why are they only staying there!?” Let me tell you: Grace, my co-founder has had chronic back pain for years and had to undergo her second surgery last week. We are hoping and praying that this will heal her completely (Please join us in that!). However, this means she has to work from our hometown in Michigan as she recovers. Therefore, we will be saving any and all traveling until late summer and fall! Michigan people…we are coming for you! 🙂

Aside from surgery, we are doing great here in Nashville. Our team of five interns is incredible and we will be bringing on a few new faces for summer internships very soon!

We have also already been able to raise money for End Slavery TN to help get sex trafficking survivors into a safe house here in Nashville and will soon be working with Thistle Farms for our June 20th show. The awareness and funds raised at these events is making a serious difference in the fight against sex trafficking.

I hope that each one of you knows that you are so valuable to us and we cherish your partnership. If you are wondering what you can do today to help end sex trafficking, I have listed three things below:


  1. Donate
  2. Get Educated and share what you learn with others.
  3. Value the people around you- Sex trafficking happens because we do not take the time to look around and value people. If we all took some time to look up and love, this issue would happen a lot less.


With love and gratitude,

Lauren Lancaster

Executive Director, SAS