5 Ways to Use Custom Magnets to Promote Your Business

custom vinyl magnets

Choosing the right promotional custom vinyl magnets | Vinyl Status tools is key to getting your business off the ground. Custom magnets are one of the most effective and popular options for businesses looking to attract new customers.

Custom Car Magnets

Wind-tested, durable and 100% customizable, business car magnets are the perfect way to advertise your company on the go. They’re affordable, paint-safe and are a great way to showcase your brand on cars, trucks, SUVs and vans.

Magnetic Vinyl Signs

Unlike other display materials, magnetic vinyl can be applied to any surface and is a great option for changing messages frequently. Especially convenient for businesses with metal signage frames, this material makes it simple to swap out messages when it’s time for a change or add new graphics.

Vinyl Magnets: A Creative Way to Promote Your Business

Whether you’re in the restaurant and hospitality industry, real estate business or a sports team, round marketing magnets are an ideal marketing tool to spread your message. They can be printed in full-color, with company logos, slogans and contact information to increase brand recognition.

Use as Trade Show Swag or Gift Packs

Oval oriented magnets make great giveaways at trade shows and give you an opportunity to promote your business in a unique way. They are also a great way to get your company logo and message into the hands of customers and clients in their homes and offices.

Popped onto Fridges

From inspirational quotes to contact details, fridge magnets have become a popular trend among creatives and brands. These magnets can be popped onto fridges and whiteboards for easy access to your information, which will help your business stay top of mind.

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