A High Standard Of Health And Social Care In Killara childcare

killara childcare

The Killara Childcare Trust has made great strides in the past few years and one of their major achievements has been the introduction of a national quality control system to ensure that each child attending the Killara childcare centre is receiving the best possible start in life. They have done this by installing quality control devices and staff at all levels including the front office staff. This has helped to ensure that each child in receipt of care at the Killara childcare centre receives a high standard of health and social care. As well as a high level of standards being placed upon the front desk staff, the children in Killara are also provided with high quality medical and health care facilities. This ensures that those children that need urgent attention receive it, whilst those that don’t catch on to important lessons do not. This link


At the end of the year, the Killara centre welcomes the most children of any childcare recruitment agency with the most new children on the books and the most parents looking for a new child care service. The reason for this is very simple. With such a high number of new children in the year and with so many parents looking for a new service, the Killara centre has seen an increase in applications and subsequently more children being accepted onto the waiting list. This has led to the centre having its waiting list cut in half, a situation that no other childcare recruitment agency can boast.


For those parents that have not yet found the right childcare service in Killara, it is worth finding out exactly what the centre offers. The first and foremost thing that any parent wants from their child care provider is a high standard of health and social care. In Killara, this is delivered by the excellent staff at the centre who are happy to give a child the very best chance in life. If you are looking for a new child care service then Killara is certainly the place to look.

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