Our team

Lauren Lancaster
Co-founder / Executive Director

Lauren started SAS with Grace as freshmen in college. Lauren is originally from Kalamazoo, MI. She graduated with her B.A. in Education through Michigan State University. She has previously worked with organizations such as The A21 Campaign to learn more about human trafficking around the world and within the United States. Lauren works full time for Songs Against Slavery from Nashville, TN.

Grace Theisen
Co-founder / Director of Artist Relations

Grace handles the music side of SAS. She graduated from Hope College- majoring in both Psychology and Women’s Studies. She now works full time as the Director of Artist Relations for Songs Against Slavery in Nashville, TN. She is also passionate about using her music as a way of outreach. She firmly believes that music is a universal language that can help bring unity and freedom to all. Find her music under the Buy Music Tab or at www.gracetheisen.com.

SAS Board of Directors: