Alabama NACE Inspection


NACE inspection Alabama

A NACE inspection is an extensive analysis of a structure, building, or system, with the purpose of protecting people, assets, and the environment. While NACE inspections are not mandatory in Alabama, they can be a valuable part of a construction project. A NACE-certified inspector can ensure that a building or structure is safe to occupy, and that the materials used in its construction will not corrode or collapse, why us?


To become a NACE inspector, a person must complete a training course. This course can be taken online or on-site. The training course is typically 60 hours long, and includes coursework in math, science, geometry, and trigonometry. A NACE inspection inspector can expect to earn a competitive salary after completing the course. A NACE inspector must also pass an exam.

A NACE inspector can be a valuable member of a water tower team. These individuals ensure that water towers are in good condition and safe to use in case of emergency. They check the protective coatings on water towers and report the results to the city’s water managers so that they can make informed decisions about the tower’s maintenance and safety.

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