Bicycling Information

Information About CyclingBicycles and Cycling have been around for ages. The earliest bicycles were used for leisure and transportation purposes in the Middle Ages. In the early Renaissance, bicycles were first used for the production of armor and then became popular among the wealthy in the latter part of the seventeenth century. It was Thomas Jefferson who first used the word “bicycle” in his letter to Dr. Robinson in 1825. The use of bicycles and cycling has become increasingly popular throughout the world since the early twentieth century when the French brought the concept of bicycles’ path across the English Channel.

Bicycling Information

A bicycle, also known as a cycle or pedal cycle, is a single-wheel, bicycle propelled, or pedal-operated, human-driven machine, having two pedals, attached to a wooden or metal frame with a chain. A cyclist is commonly known as a bicycle rider, or biker. The use of bicycles and cycling information provides a wealth of information to cyclists of all ages and abilities from beginner riders to avid professionals, how to ride a bicycle safely, what equipment is required, where are the best places to purchase bicycles and cycling gear, and much more.

Many cities throughout the United States have bicycle lanes and designated bicycle paths. Bicyclists can utilize bicycles and cycling information at the same time to plan their trips and find easy, budget-friendly ways to get to work, school, the mall, the library or other destinations. The Internet is a good source of bicycles and cycling information, with online websites providing reviews and ratings for local businesses offering bicycling information and equipment, bicycle-related coupons, maps of popular bicycling routes, and information about training courses. In addition, the bicycle industry sponsors many bicycling events, such as the Tour de France bicycle race, which raises money and awareness for many bicycling organizations. Bicycles and cycling information are available through community-sponsored road races, bicycle races, and charity rides. Local bicycling clubs also provide information and promote cycling in the community through meetings, events and activities.

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