Black Children’s Books

Black children books

Children can read about different African American communities from a wide range of books. For example, the We Read Too app features books by authors of color and other minority titles. The app started out as a language school in Rome and now features a wide range of books for children, including Black children’s books. The app also includes affiliate links for purchasing the books.

Many of these books feature famous African American individuals, such as the legendary Dr. Martin Luther King. Other favorites include the biography of Duke Ellington by Andrea Davis Pinkney and the famous poem “I, too, am America” by Langston Hughes. These books highlight the importance of education and how hard work can overcome adversity.

Dream Big, Little One by Vashti Harrison is an inspiring book for children, which highlights the lives of several extraordinary African-American women. Each chapter introduces a new character and gives a brief biography. The goal of the book is to inspire kids to be ambitious and follow their dreams. This book is illustrated by Vashti Harrison.

In 2008, a nonprofit organization called Black Children’s Books and Authors was formed to promote children’s books by African-American authors. The group has published more than 500 books since its founding. They have also created an online bookstore. The goal of this project is to publish 1,300 books in 10 years.

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