Can You Shake Kombucha?

why cant you shake kombucha

Kombucha is all the rage, and for good reason. This fermented tea has a plethora of benefits, including healthy probiotics that support digestive health. It can also help balance non-harmful and harmful bacteria in the gut. In fact, probiotics are believed to have a wide variety of other health benefits, such as preventing or alleviating symptoms of anxiety, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, and even controlling blood sugar.

As why can’t you shake kombucha as this drink is, many people have questions about how to properly store and enjoy kombucha. One of the most common questions is, “Can you shake kombucha?” In short, no, you shouldn’t shake your booch. This is because kombucha is naturally carbonated, thanks to the fermentation process it undergoes. When you shake the bottle, you can cause the carbon dioxide to release prematurely, resulting in a fizzy mess.

To Shake or Not to Shake: The Great Kombucha Dilemma Unveiled

In addition, shaking the bottle can disturb the SCOBY and release other unwanted bacteria into your booch. Lastly, shaking the bottle can mix up the sediment that is often found at the bottom of the jar.

If you do want to shake your kombucha, be sure to use an air tight bottle. This is important because it will prevent the gasses produced during 2nd fermentation from escaping. Additionally, it will make for a smoother, more enjoyable kombucha experience. You can still move the bottle from place to place without a problem, just be sure to handle it gently. We recommend using up-cycled mason jars or other beverage bottles with tight screw on lids to ensure that no gases are released while you shake your booch.

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