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cat flea treatment nz

When we think about the cat flea treatment NZ is the place to go. With its large proportion of small, low-lying islands, New Zealand has one of the most densely forested areas in the world, ideal for a thick blanket of vegetation to protect from the harmful effects of both cold and the sun. It also has a well-developed economy based on fishing and farming and, in conjunction with the World Health Organisation, it has developed one of the most effective pest-control methods in the world, thanks to the use of both chemical insecticides and natural flea repellents.


As well as using the most effective synthetic pesticides, New Zealand has invested significantly in other aspects of its cat flea treatment programme. The nation has invested in a vast network of rural Extension Service stations that, by coordinating the control of various pests, have been able to drastically reduce the incidence of infestations, as well as their subsequent spread. Although each extension station has different techniques for containing and transporting the pest, the overall target is the same: reduce as far as possible the numbers of adult fleas that enter into homes and take up residence there. Of course, each home will need to be treated individually and in depth, as each cat flea treatment should be performed in accordance with the level of infestation.


There are several types of cat flea treatment available in New Zealand and most of them are based upon chemicals. The most popular of these is the liquid flea collar, which must be worn at all times to provide the maximum effective control of cat fleas. Liquid flea collars are available in various strengths, depending upon the size and activity of the cat fleas and can be either applied or rubbed onto the animal. Another popular option is the flea comb, which simplifies the task of removing fleas from your cat or dog by making it easier to pull out hair and flea carcasses.

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