Embroidery Digitizing Services

Cost-effective Embroidery Digitizing Services in Indianapolis is a specialized process in which an image, photo or graphic design is converted into a machine-ready embroidery file. It is a popular service for branding purposes on corporate uniforms and promotional items. The digitizer uses embroidery stitch types that complement the image, maintaining its detail, and produces a high-quality, finished product.

Is it hard to learn digitizing?

An embroidered logo is created by taking a JPG or PNG file of a client’s company logo and converting it into a format that embroidery machines can read. The digitized embroidery file contains instructions for how the stitching should be done and where each thread color is used. The digitizer also determines a path for the embroidery, which is the order in which the different parts of the design are sewn.

There are a lot of different embroidery file formats that are used by different machine brands. Each one has its own specific requirements for how to digitize a design. For example, Brother embroidery machines use a file type called PES while Janome embroidery machines use a file type called JEF.

When digitizing a design, the digitizer must consider the fabric that the embroidery will be stitched on. The type of fabric will affect how the stitches lay on the surface and how much “push” and “pull” the design will experience. The digitizer must understand how the lines of the design will “sink” into textures like polar fleece or lay on the outer layer of denser fabrics such as nylon.

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