Emergency Health Care Association of Canada – EHA Training Perth

For those that are interested in starting a career in the health industry, the Emergency Health Care Association of Canada (EEHA) has developed the Emergency Healthcare Alliance (EHA) training. These courses are intended to help medical students learn about emergency care and to prepare them to work in the field. The courses are available in both in-person programs as well as online. Out of the two types, the in-person program is more common. This is because it allows the trainee to interact with a clinical instructor on a one-on-one basis.



Aside from the in-person program, there are also other courses offered in the Emergency Health Care Alliance training that can be taken by EHAs. There are courses such as the core curriculum, the internship, as well as the practicum. The courses offered by the organization are aimed at preparing the trainee for their role in the field. The curriculum offered is comprehensive and covers courses such as anatomy, medical terminology, ethics, first aid, patient safety, pharmacology, physiology, pathology, safety and emergency procedures. All of these courses are taught by professional EHAs who are highly trained to offer quality training to trainees.


There are also some courses that are available to Eeha training perth when they take the online route. Some of the courses include the core curriculum, the clinical experience, and pharmacy technician preparation. The course clinical experience focuses on EHAs’ basic level training and is also inclusive of first aid training, medical terminology, pharmacy technician preparation, and anatomy. The core curriculum, meanwhile, covers the core subjects such as medical terminology, ethics, anatomy, pharmacology, physiology, pathology, and first aid. All of these courses are taught by professional EHAs who are highly trained to provide quality training to the trainees.

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