Fireworks in Chicago

The Office of Emergency Management and Communications, which handles 911 and 311 calls, reminds them that only glowworms, smoke bombs, and party poppers are allowed. The loud, sudden sounds caused by fireworks can negatively impact the lives of Chicago residents, veterans, and pets. It is also dangerous for wildlife. This link –

The Ultimate Guide To Fireworks In Chicago

This year, the city will host a 1.5-mile-long fireworks show at midnight, which will be the largest in Chicago’s history. The display is choreographed to a special soundtrack and is planned to be synchronized from eight separate launch sites. In addition, there will be increased security in the area, including additional patrols and armed officers.

Fireworks in Chicago are not safe for the public. As a result, the city has taken precautions to ensure the safety of its residents. The riverwalk will be closed east and west of State Street to prevent any accidents to the Wacker during the fireworks. The bridges will remain closed but will reopen at least 10 minutes after the fireworks have ended. The city’s streets will remain closed throughout the entire event, and the public is advised to use sidewalks.

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