Kartra Features and Functions

If you are interested in purchasing Internet Marketing Software that offers more than just a simple online presence for your company you may be interested in Kartra Marketing Software. At just under $79 a month, Kartra has everything you want in an all in one marketing software. Here is how the Kartra features that you get at just the starter price: Features or services from your selected Internet Marketing Software come to you through secure and beautiful checkout forms for PayPal and credit cards. Also, the entire site is loaded with helpful information that will help you build your marketing skills to the point you can develop your own Internet Marketing Software. This is something that not many Internet Marketing Software’s offer you.

kartra features

Kartra Features and Functions

You will also find that Kartra gives you the ability to build specific pages and landing pages that you want to use when you are designing or updating your site. You can create as many pages as you want and have a place to store any information you wish to share with your viewers or customers. The best thing about this Internet Marketing Software is that the pages you create can be indexed by Google, so they are very powerful tools in your marketing efforts. You can also access the tools that allow you to keep track of your visitors to your pages and you can see how much traffic you are getting as well as how many sales you are making.

Along with the basic tools and features of the Kartra all in one Internet Marketing Software system you will also find a great marketing funnel that will allow you to build a large and steady list over time. With the Kartra funnel you will have a pre-established action plan that allows you to be able to build a list step by step and give each customer or subscriber several options that they have to choose from. This allows you to be able to send out emails or messages in order to stay in front of your customers or subscribers on an ongoing basis. The Kartra system will even automatically provide you with your reports. This is a great tool for any business owners because it not only keeps them informed about the progress of your marketing efforts but the results that you have achieved as well. This gives you a full report on how effective you are at reaching your goals and how to make changes in order to grow and expand your business and offer more services or products to your customers and clients.

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