Metal Garden Edging System

Metal Garden Edging System

About Metal Garden Edging System

Lochlan replaced our old concrete one with FormBoss edging provides a crisp clean separation between landscape beds and grass, paths and driveways without taking up valuable ground space. It resists rot and chipping and will not be damaged by mowers and weed eaters during routine landscape maintenance. It also does not become brittle in cold weather and can easily be shaped on-site or pre-formed during manufacture to fit intricate curves. It is easy to install and can be used in combination with many landscape materials including pavers, stone, mulch and gravel.

Metal Garden Edging for Cottage Gardens: Adding Charm and Character

Most metal landscape edging systems are made from steel or aluminum which are rust-resistant and lightweight for ease of use. They are typically sold in long strips of eight to ten feet that have overlapping connections and are available in heights ranging from three to five inches. Steel edging can corrode over time, but most manufacturers provide an anti-corrosion coating for their products to protect the metal from corrosion. Aluminum is more flexible than steel and can be bent into curves and arcs. Some styles of aluminum edging require stakes to further stabilize the material in the ground.

The best way to install most metal landscape edging is by digging a small trench and then placing the material in the trench and tapping it into the soil with a hammer. If you encounter any tree roots in the trench, simply use a utility knife to cut around them. The majority of metal edging is fairly lightweight, which makes it easier to work with than heavier landscape materials and installation is relatively quick.

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