PM Modi Schemes

PM Modi refers to the prime minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi. The PM Modi Scheme was recently announced by Rajiv Gandhi in August 2005 to train students in the art of mass communication. This scheme is being run through the WipPI or Wireless internet Protocol initiative. The wireless internet is the technology that is being used for the application of interactive learning with the help of multimedia devices. It also involves multimedia content and the related learning materials. Find out –

The First Wireless Broadband Internet Programme For Girls

This scheme was initiated with the first participation of PM Modi in its fifth anniversary celebrations, and with the fourth year of its implementation the WipPI has so far achieved the target of fifteen crore citizens within the first two months of its operation. PM Modi is considered as one of the most proficient communicators of our times and this is the very reason that he was chosen as the brand ambassador for the project. According to an estimate the WipPI has so far achieved one billion rupees worth of benefit to India. PM Modi has proved himself to be a dynamic leader both in public and in private life and this is the main reason for the success of the PM Modi Scheme.

The target of this scheme is to encourage young students in the rural background to take up some basic and useful courses in the fields of communication and mass communication. There are various ways through which these students can access these courses. Initially there was the advertisement in newspapers, then the sponsorship of theatres and the launch of various cable television channels; finally the launch of the PM Modi website. The entire operation is being handled by the Information and Communications Ministry of the government of India and the entire scheme has so far achieved notable success.

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