The Best Place to Buy Shatter Online

The marijuana revolution has brought a ton of new, exciting, and high-potency cannabis products. One of the most popular concentrates to hit the market is shatter weed, also known as THC shatter, often with THC potency levels in excess of 80%. But what is it exactly? Shatter weed is a type of THC extract that separates cannabinoids from the rest of the plant, leaving behind an amber to yellow-colored substance. It’s typically smoked using a dab rig or vaporizer.

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The best place to buy shatter online is at a dispensary that offers quality and affordable products. Here are our top 5 picks for the cheapest shatter prices by the gram and in mix-and-match shatter packs. These recommendations are vetted with reviews from trusted Mail Order Marijuana (MOM) operators, who are committed to quality and safety for their customers.

To make shatter, marijuana plant material is packed into a tube in a closed-loop extraction system, then a solvent (usually butane, but sometimes propane) is run over the plants to isolate the cannabinoids and leave behind the rest of the plant material. Once the cannabinoids are separated from the plant material, the solvent is sucked away and the resulting shatter weed is solid with a glassy appearance.

Shatter can be used the same way you would smoke any other cannabis, but it’s more effective when smoked via a concentrate rig. To use, simply place a small amount of shatter on the nail (the equivalent of a bowl in a dab rig), heat the nail with a butane torch until it’s red hot, then inhale.

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