The Different Types of Torus Skirting

torus skirting

The Torus style skirting comes in a range of different finishes. It is the most popular type of skirting due to its traditional yet sleek appearance. It is also available in a range of materials, including softwood, MDF, and high-quality American oak. This product is suitable for both internal and external walls.

What does torus skirting look like?

Torus skirting boards are very popular in the UK, as they can be used to match virtually any interior style. They are widely available at builders merchants and large DIY stores. Despite being a popular profile, the Torus skirting board does not scale in height. The smaller Torus Small skirting board has a slightly lower torus than the larger Torus model.

If you are planning to paint the Torus skirting board, you should look for a Torus Primed board. Alternatively, you can purchase a veneered board, which gives your interior a real wood look. You can also opt for a foil-wrapped white Torus.

If you’re interested in a particular style, you should check out the Torus Type 2 skirting boards, which feature Egyptian and Rococo influences. This type of skirting board is perfect for period properties. It is 50mm in height and is available in standard heights. The Torus skirting boards can also come in different depths, and are available in fifteen, 18, or 25mm. Since the skirting board is raw MDF, you’ll need to prime the boards before applying any finish coats.

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