The Importance of Lightning Protection

The Importance of Lightning Protection

Lightning protection is important for any if lighting strikes contact Alltech building. This is due to the dangers of lightning strikes. It can strike any object in the vicinity, including structures and water. Exposure to lightning can damage or even cause fires. Exposed channels can penetrate flammable materials such as structural lumber, insulation, gas pipes, and electrical wiring. Consequently, it is crucial to use lightining rods to keep your building safe from potential damages.

A building protection system links all metallic frames and earth leads to protect it from the destructive effects of a lightning strike. This lightning protection system includes a metallic capture tip that is linked to a protective rod. These conductors are usually copper strips stretched above the structure that needs to be protected. Specialized systems are also available for military applications and rocket launching areas. The LEC provides a complimentary risk assessment of a building.

LEC’s lightning protection systems ensure maximum operational reliability. Whether the equipment is located in an office building or in a residential complex, these products can protect it from a lightning strike. LEC recommends a comprehensive approach to lightning safety. This includes Direct Strike Protection, Strategic Surge Protection, Grounding Protection, and Grounding Protection. A properly installed lightning protection system can be hidden during construction. If you’re installing a new building, contact Windemuller to learn more about lightning protection.

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