Types of Large Parts Tumbler

A large parts tumbler is a versatile piece of industrial finishing equipment that can be used for batch or continuous parts finishing. It is a powerful and efficient tool for removing material from delicate parts and can be bought in bench models or massive tub styles. The machine works by using vibration to cause parts to scrub against each other and creates a thorough, accurate abrasion.

What can I polish in a barrel polishing machine?

This type of tumbler is useful for polishing metal parts. The tumbling media can be hard or soft. The softer ones are suitable for soft metals, while the rougher types are designed for hard metals. However, if you are looking for a machine for heavy parts and need a high-quality finish, a barrel tumbler is your best choice.

Another type of large parts tumbler is a rotary model. This type of tumbler uses a cylindrical or hexagonal barrel with a gear assembly and motor. These tumblers generate deburring action by rotating the parts and agitating the media. They can also utilize plastic and small abrasive steel media.

Vibratory parts tumblers can finish large pieces quickly. This type of tumbler is suitable for high-volume parts production and can finish plastic, ceramic and metal workpieces. These machines are available in different sizes and are highly automated. Some even have drying features.

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